The electronics industry

Release time:2019.09.20 20:35

Return list

Application in ultrasonic electronics industry

1、The main production power, adapter, charger, mobile phone shell and many other plastic-related products. The electronic industry is the industry that USES ultrasonic model welder most at present.

2、Plastic electronics: prepaid water meter and electricity meter, communication equipment, cordless phone, mobile phone accessories, battery case, valve controlled seal maintenance lead acid battery.

3、Floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, bluetooth; Toy stationery: folder, album, folding box, PP hollow board, pen case, ink cartridge, toner drum.

4、Daily necessities, sanitary articles, children's articles, air mattress, coat hanger, knife handle, gardening supplies, cabinet ware, shower head, anti-counterfeit bottle cap, cosmetic bottle cap, coffee pot, washing machine, air dehumidifier, electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, speaker.